At BodyGarage, our Membership Services program has been designed to offer life-changing technologies at an affordable price. We’re proud to offer these technologies to our clients for close to 75% less than the national average. It’s hard to be an advocate for self-care if it’s not affordable.

The Membership Services technologies are unique in what they do but similar in that they all strengthen the immune system while repairing and renewing energy & vitality for an overall anti-aging effect.

Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Field 

Pioneered by NASA in the 1980’s, PEMF simulates the magnetic field present and put off by the Earth. From rapid bone repair to enhanced energy production, NASA stopped counting at 1 MILLION+ benefits to the human body.

Research has shown that PEMF therapy alters the body’s stress response by acting directly on the nervous system and organs of the body. PEMF stimulates the brain to produce Beta, Alpha, Delta, and Theta waves to naturally support relaxation and deeper sleep. 

PEMF therapy benefits include powerful anti-aging effects. Cell communication and metabolism slows with aging but regular use of PEMF therapy promotes the activation of ATP in the body which, in turn, activates cellular regeneration. PEMF can balance blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Electrosmog—damaging frequencies coming from things such as computers, mobile phones, microwaves, power lines, and hair dryers—causes a lot of stress in our body and drains our energy. PEMF therapy adds healthy frequencies to the body so that it maintains balance and is more resistant to the effects of electrosmog.


Membership Services include PEMF, Ozone, High-Vibration, & Red Light Therapies

Family Membership

$400/month - 1 x per week

$500/month - 3 x per week

Individual Membership

$200/month - 1 x per week

$300/month - 3 x per week

A LA CARTE Services

A LA CARTE services focus on enhancing Strength & Energy, Sexual Optimization, Weight Loss, Pain Management, Cosmetic Services, and Gastro Health.