BodyGarage is a regenerative bio-boutique that restores health and vitality by removing emotional trauma from the body. It’s here where the ancient healing modalities of the past are paired with rare, life-changing pieces of cutting-edge technology. At BodyGarage, we want and work with the people others cannot fix.



Our body is not just a house for the brain and beating heart. It is intricate and intuitive, sending us signals when it’s deprived or diseased and embodying thoughts or emotions we may not even be consciously aware of. We can learn so much about our generational history, physical needs, and emotional health by listening to our body. When we can’t hear what our body is saying, we’ll have a hard time giving it what it needs and that’s when chronic pain and disease finds us. Our work at BodyGarage is centered on hearing what your body needs in order to alleviate the pain you feel. 




Charlie Carroll

I was 10 years old when I first began to understand the connection between our physical body and emotions. For over 20 years, I’ve been using myofascial release techniques to help heal people both physically and emotionally. 

As an entrepreneur, my passion for holistic health is made manifest in the various businesses and organizations I own or run. City Church, Table 33, Miami Valley Life Alliance, and BodyGarage, to name a few, exist to care for the whole person. I believe in spiritual growth, nourishing food, healthy community, and breaking free from emotions and experiences that suppress us. Wellness drives what I do and my belief that physical and emotional freedom is possible for all of us is what has laid the foundation for BodyGarage. 

Born and raised in Dayton, OH, I love this city and the innovation woven into its history. It’s why I’m proud to open BodyGarage’s flagship location here, in the heart of the Gem C

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Dr. Joseph Bosiljevac, MD in Cardiovascular Surgery, PhD in Natural Medicine

While in private practice I have listened to and observed many of my patients who found relief in complementary and alternative methods, including chiropractic treatments, vitamins and supplements, chelation, oxidative therapy with hydrogen peroxide, and prolozone/ prolotherapy for joint and soft tissue injections. I have also seen the tunnel vision of conventional (allopathic) medicine which is well-versed to treat established disease and cover symptoms with medication or surgery. However, over the course of my first career as an MD, I became frustrated, realizing that the causative factors many times were not being addressed. In addition, various idiopathic diseases can be considered in a catch-all term meaning “we do not know the cause.” My extensive experience with conventional medicine and surgery and my doctoral degree in natural medicine allows me to give an educated, unbiased, and balanced view with an attempt at a scientific explanation. Conventional medicine does not need to compete with complementary and alternative methods. Neither is all encompassing or complete on its own. Basically, I believe that the road to good health involves balance and both sides of the fence. Welcome to BodyGarage!



Myra Wright, FNP

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). I began my nursing career in 2005 and have been a family nurse practitioner since 2017. When not working at BodyGarage or Atrium Medical Center, you can find me lifting weights and Jazzercising. I’ve always had an interest in and passion for health and wellness.



Jess Flora

My journey into the field of health and wellness began with just the opposite: pain and fear. A debilitating back injury left me physically immobilized and emotionally drained. I found myself asking the terrifying question: What if this pain persists for the rest of my life? 

That question propelled me into a major lifestyle change. I began working out, eating whole foods my body needed, and listening to my body, leading me to lose almost 100 pounds. The pain in my back was alleviated and my emotional heaviness was lifted as I learned the power of bio-hacking. For several years now I have continued down the path of bio-hacking and nourishing traditions.

I understand what it’s like to be in pain and it’s one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about my work at BodyGarage. I’ve asked the scary questions about chronic pain and I’ve experienced life after that pain. I’m committed to leading others to encounter the same physical and emotional freedom that I have.