At BODYGARAGE, we are happy to be partnered with CRYO Science.

CRYO Science is a world-class equipment innovator and solution provider for all Cryogenic applications. CRYO Science has mastered the science of using low temperature gases to deliver healing, preservation, and longevity benefits to the human body and its surrounding habitat. With CRYO Science, we can focus on delivering innovative solutions in Cryotherapy, Molecular Gastronomy, and other customized installations with the single objective of helping our clients. At BodyGarage, we use CRYO for (1) Pain Management and Injury Recovery and (2) Beauty Treatments.

Pain Management & Injury Recovery

Localized cryotherapy can be used to alleviate pain & inflammation and speed up recovery from injuries through cryogenically cooled air penetrating deep into the layers of tissue and increasing blood circulation.

Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments such as °CRYO Facials or cellulite reduction use localized cryotherapy technology. The facials increase the collagen production in the skin and leave the skin visibly smoother with a restored, youthful glow.

In the 1970s, cryotherapy was popular in Japan as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Eventually, it spread to Western countries and became known as a treatment for muscle soreness and inflammation, hence its popularity among elite athletes.

In recent years, cryotherapy has slowly filtered into the aesthetic realm as well, having been touted as a treatment for both weight loss and wrinkles. Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) involves standing in a deep-freeze tank or chamber—at up to -250°F—for two to four minutes at a time. More localized treatments can also be performed to target specific areas of the body.

Although it has only recently gained popularity as a facial treatment, dermatologists have been aware of the clinical benefits of cryotherapy for some time.

How are cryotherapy facials performed?

During cryotherapy facials, an aesthetician will blow subzero air—made from a controlled stream of vaporized liquid nitrogen—onto the face and neck.

Does Frotox actually work?

Here are four ways Cryofacials help your skin and complexion:


During your Cryofacial, pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors are painlessly applied to your face, scalp, and neck. The intense cold causes your blood vessels to contract and then dilate, ultimately working to increase your blood flow. As your blood flow increases, important enzymes and nutrients are delivered to your skin while harmful toxins are flushed away.

Over time, your blood circulation will improve, making your skin healthier and stronger, especially when it comes to fighting off any bacteria and infections that come your way. 


Collagen production is essential in giving your face a youthful appearance. Collagen is a key protein in our body that is responsible for helping our organs stay safe, connecting ligaments to our bones, strengthening our blood vessels, and, above all, keeping our skin firm and elastic.

When you’re young, your body is a collagen producing factory, but as you age your body stops producing as much. The decrease of collagen production is what leads to those dreaded wrinkles. To make matters worse, our modern lifestyle has our skin constantly under attack from pollution, toxins, and stress. All of this can cause a loss of facial elasticity, deepen wrinkles, add bags under your eyes, and speed up other signs of aging.


If you frequently suffer from blackheads, your pores may be the reason why. Large pores can make it incredibly easy for dirt, oil, and other gunk to penetrate your skin. All of this can create annoying blackheads. Once created, blackheads are hard to get rid of. However, you don’t have to let them control your life any longer. Reclaim your skin and fight back with the power of Cryofacials.


One of the first things people notice about you are your eyes. Therefore, it makes sense that we want the skin around our eyes to look healthy and attractive. Sadly, our busy work schedules and stressful lifestyles can make it difficult to give our skin the nutrients and rest that it so desperately needs. Thankfully, you can give the skin around your eyes an extra stimulated boost of nutrients each time you get a Cryofacial. 


At BodyGarage, we use only the finest, most advanced cryogenics technology to give our customers the most effective treatments possible. Located near downtown Dayton, OH, we believe there is no better type of business than one that helps others in our community live happier and healthier lives. Give us a call at (937) 250-1540 to learn more about the awesome benefits of a Cryofacial.